About Us


Why You Should Be Here

Once upon a time, a bearded man had a dream, a dream to make the best chicken wings on the planet! Like a mad scientist in a lab, and with the help of his steadfast partners, he went to work. After years of perfecting the finest sauces and creating the perfect cooking method, a place for those who are truly fanatic about great wings was born - Wing Nutz! The end result: moist chicken inside and perfectly crisp on the outside.

That being said, Wing Nutz offers a truly unique and exciting sports dining experience. Not only do we provide you with the best sports programing and entertainment; we do it in an open friendly atmosphere where you can share good times with friends, family and a staff that knows who you are and what you like.

Baked Wings Are Better

There is no question that fresh is best and we don’t use those tiny frozen morsels you’ll find at those other places. Only Premium Chicken is used – never caged; no hormones; never frozen; larger wings; better taste and better for you. All of our food is of the highest quality, always baked and NEVER ever breaded or dipped in greasy fat or oils.

No Deep Fryers Here

Why you ask? Because the sauce is such an important part of your wing eating experience. Grease not only adds large amounts of calories and fat to your food, but it mixes with the sauce changing the flavor and leaving that disgusting feeling in the pit of your stomach.

The man rubbed his beard and thought; we have truly discovered Paradise on Wings, now let’s add to it a menu full of never fried, always baked chicken tenders, tasty boneless wings, fall off the bone hog wings, super wraps, fresh salads, flavorful nachos, amazing sandwiches, and of course our own line of the best crafted beers known to man: Nut Job Beers.

So join us at your neighborhood Wing Nutz for the best food, beer, sports and fun and you will understand why we say, Wing Nutz is Paradise on Wings.   

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